«The rules for winning are five: measurement, assessment, calculation, comparison and supremacy.»

Sun Tzu.

  • Head of the Pre-Press department is G. Papadopoulos with the support of the latest technology equipment and personnel that combines graphic design knowledge and printing troubleshooting, Pre-Press department is the company’s crown jewel.
  • Flexoplates Papadopoulos owes its establishment to the top of the pyramid Cliché engravers, thanks to the dynamics and effectiveness of Pre-Press department. Combining its unique in Greece engravement setups archive, separately for each print machine, with extensive experience of its staff, Flexoplates Papadopoulos guarantees infallible prints and especially parameterized Cliché separately for each customer.
  • Pre-Press is the most important tool in avoiding errors and enhancing the printing result. The specialization of Pre-Press department in Flexoplates Papadopoulos is based on the professional experience in the printing industry, of the stuff.